My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What's Been Keeping me so busy!

For Those of you that have been asking, here are the latest cake pictures from the last month!

Giant 30th Birthday Cookie cake

Wedding Shower Cake

Upclose Real Flowers atop Wedding Shower Cake

Baby "Paiton" Shower block cake, with cupcakes, & cookies

Upclose of Baby "Paiton" cookies

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Beasley Family...

(Above) Picture of Mr. & Mrs. Beasley's 25th Anniversary Cake (Exact replica of their wedding cake) & no Tammy wouldn't let me make it! She wanted me all to herself, not baking in the kitchen all day! Thanks Tammy!
Over our Memorial Day weekend we went to Houston to help my Best Friend Tammy out with her Parents 25th Anniversary Party. Here's some thing's Adam & I took away from the weekend...
1. Since were going to stay together for 25 years we need to start taking more pictures together! So our children have plenty for the slide show
2. Never tell your spouse she ought to get the lap band done if she wants to look hot, although you'd rather her stay the way she is so other men wont find her attractive
3. Be grateful & Praise God for each day he gives us together, despite what your spouse does or says through your journey together... because it's a GIFT
It is hard to see Tammy going through so much right now. I literally want to step in, and take on some of it for her. Cancer, 3 small children, work, a house, & everyday life. I just don't see how she does it ALL! It took a day of resting for me to recover from our weekend, so I can only imagine how she feels. The weekend truly inspired me though. Seeing her Parents happily together after 25 years, and all the blessings God has given them. It was just encouraging. When my Parents rolled over 25 years together, I wasn't married or even dating anyone seriously. Now, after being married for 5 years I've had a taste of how difficult staying together can be. It's not easy in a society where Marriage is not the "Norm" anymore. So Thanks Mom & Dad for your great example, and thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Beasley for letting us share in your celebration. You are all a inspiration to me.
Until Next Time,