My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can't help but Worship....

YouTube - Kristene Mueller, Redemption (Jesus Culture)

My friend Rebecca paid us a visit last Saturday. She accidentally left one of her new favorite CD's in my truck. Her sister-in-law who lives in California sent her this CD. It was by a women named Kristene Mueller, she is a Music Minister at a church in San Franscico. Her church has started a 24 hour a day, praying for the City of San Francsico, and for the Nation. So, she has wrote some music, and I have fell in love while worshiping the Lord to her songs. Most of her song verses are straight from the scripture. This CD has made such a difference in my week. I have cried, sung loud, and even took it into "In School Suspension" this week for my sanity. A teacher came in, and the CD was playing. He said, "You can't play music in ISS!" I replied, "It's for me, not for him... and we can if you want me in here!" I couldn't find my favorite songs on You Tube, but here is a taste of what I could find. I hope it is a blessing to you, as it has been to me. Prepare your hearts for Worship tomorrow!
Until Next Time,

Friday, September 25, 2009

On a Lighter note...

Okay... this Blog may seem kind of all over the place, but that is just how my life is right now. My last Blog was kind of depressing and sad, so I feel the need to share something just to "lighten" my page a bit. This has been a CRAZY week no doubt, one of many, many, many, to come I am sure!I am just so grateful, that with this CRAZY life comes a Great Big God who is in control.

Where do I even start.... For those of you who don't know I recently took a job working as a one on one aide with some challenging students. I left the comforts of a well paying, part time office job working for my parents... to following God in the career I know he is calling me to, which is teaching. This is definitely a foot in the door to that career, but will be a long road getting through the school year.

Some Days... you'd think Adam and I had switched professions!

This job has it's definite challenges, but is very rewarding at the same time. This week at work has been filled with an emotional roller coaster. The adrenaline rushes, stress headaches, and physical and emotional exhaustion have been at a high this week. Yet, I LOVE my job. I have never felt in my lifetime the peace of being in God's Will like I have since coming to work here.

The Blessings just keep pouring out, and my cup runneth over! The majority of the people I work with are Christians, and that makes such a difference in every day life. They are so encouraging to "We" the one on one aides who never know what our day will consist of. I still am given the opportunity from time to time to teach some lessons to the class, and it makes me look forward to the future when I am finished with school and can do that everyday.

I am so grateful to God for loving and supportive family he has blessed me with. Life around the Estes household has been really stressful with the new job, starting back to College, and Adam's wonderful month on the weekend shift. My husband has been so helpful around here. The last 2 weeks I have came home to a clean house on his days off, despite him having dental work done every week. He had a tooth pulled, that resulted in a dry sock it, and lots of pain... but yet he cleaned the house! He called his mom for some help one day, but that's fine by me... I have a clean house. So Kudos to my husband and Mother-in-law for saving my sanity.

I miss my husband who has been working weekend's all month, so naturally we rarely see each other. Which makes for a marriage full of communication, and happy memories let me tell you. I will never be so Happy to see this weekend come and go, so I can have my Husband back. Sorry Chandler P.D. I love him more! My kids will be much happier to have us both back also, I feel like they have been so neglected these past couple of weeks.I am definitely ready for some family time! Like this trip to the Freshwater Fisheries in Athens (above).

College, and the 3 classes I'm taking have been crazy! I think I'm going to start calling my Government teacher "Hitler" because of all his reading and assignments he assigns. I have my first test in Government Monday, so please pray for me... I didn't grow up being brain washed on Texas and the way they do things... so it's all new for me. The hard part about this class, is learning the way the House and Senate do things in Washington, along with the way the house and senate do things in Texas.
For example, here our 2 actual key terms from my chapters over Texas Government:
Pigeonholed- Term for effectively killing a bill brought to the committee table.
Little Legislatures- Instead of calling a committee by the proper term "Standing Committee" here in Texas they call them Little legislatures.
Not that any of you care to know these, but do you see my frustration with the Texas Government right now! Pray for me as I take my First test Monday night, and pray for my children as I will be neglecting them once again this weekend to study!
Hope I have not bored you all to much, but at least now the Estes Daily Review has been updated. Maybe this post will cut me some Blogger Slack since now you know why I'm too busy to update!
Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

You know you Live in the Ghetto When...

Adam and I have dealt with the fact over the last year that what was once a nice, peaceful neighborhood has slowly but surely turned in to a Ghetto. We still find ourselves greatful to God for the roof he has provided for us over our heads, and the sadest part is that we really love our little cozy house, just not where it is located. It is days like today in the Ghetto when we struggle to keep to our agreement to wait it out here until I'm through with my schooling.
Today Adam had to work, so he left at 5am to head to Chandler. Both the boys were up by 6am, Trenten was complaining his stomach hurt, and Jonah had a runny diaper. What a great start to the day. I was contemplating taking the kids to Houston to visit Tammy, but not now. Not with them potentially having the stomach bug that's been going around.
So, as the morning went on they seemed to be doing okay, just a little cranky. By 11am they could go no more. Jonah was in melt down phase, and Trenten was asking to go to bed. So I made a quick lunch, and after they ate I took them to their room at the front of the house to take a nap. As I was laying them down, I heard a horn just being laid on out in the front of the house. This is not uncommon with the drug house that is to the left of us. I kept telling myself, just let it go, just ignore it. The horn would not stop, and Jonah and Trenten were just a cryin'.
Finally after a few minutes the continuous honking quit. Then came the cussing extravaganza. Every cuss word you could possibly imagine being yelled in the street clear as day in my children's bedroom. I turned the CD player on with Barlowgirl playing, and you could still hear the cussing loud and clear over the music. Trenten looked up at me and says, "Momma, those not nice words!" Then, I had had enough. Protective momma reared her ugly head.
I went out the front door to find the meth dealing neighbor who lives to the left of us cussing out my neighbor across the street who had just been sitting out on her porch like she always does on Saturdays. I yelled "Hey! That's enough...I don't care who started it, I've got to kids in here trying to take a nap who don't feel good who can hear every word you're yelling. This is totally inappropriate! If you want to talk like that, go in you're house and talk like that... none of us want to hear it." Well needless to say, the meth dealing neighbor then proceeded to calling me every name in the book of Cussing. All the neighbors who were witnessing her sherade especially loved it when she called me a "Cop F#*!#*% Wh#*%". My response was, "Well I guess you're somewhat right on that one, I am married to one." It frustrated the mess out of her that I would not Cuss her back. She continued to threaten all the neighbors who were out in their yards, she was going to "Whop all our a#*!*".
My favorite was watching her run in her house when the Malakoff Police Officer pulled in. After he took my statement, and all the other neighbors he was able to site her with three charges. I wish that would be enough to make her quit disturbing the peace, but probably not. Just another day in the Ghetto around here.
Until Next Time,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Taking time to Stop & Smell the Roses....

The pictures above were taken Easter Sunday, but they made for good imagery of the lesson I was reminded of today. Sometimes life gets so busy with every day occurrences that we forget to stop and enjoy the blessings God has given us. Today was an awesome day. This was my last Tuesday off with the kiddos, and we made the best of it. We enjoyed playing over at Jenna's house, and making mini pizza's together. I was the only mother there that didn't take pictures of the event, so let's just add that to the list of how I don't have it all together! Thanks again Jenna for the memories!
As many of you may know, Adam has worked the night shift for a good while now. He Started his first day shift in a while today. He will be on days the next couple of months at least... that is if no one else he works with decides to quit or die! I have learned to just enjoy it while it lasts. Tonight was the first night we have a had a "normal" evening in a long time. I prepared supper, my husband came home and we sat and ate together. It was nice to get to share about how our day went in person. No rush, just adult conversation. That was really nice.
Then we made our lunches for tomorrow, and cleaned the kitchen together. I forgot how nice it is to have help with everything in the evening time. What a blessing! To those of you out there who may be feeling the strains of life coming at you from every direction, don't forget to stop and take a moment to reflect on the blessings God has given you today. It seems to make all the worries float away, when you can just cherish the moment you are in. For as we all may have learned, time passes so quickly and we have no promise of tomorrow.
On that note I bid you good night!
Until next time,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us...

The pictures do a pretty good job explaining themselves, but just in case you are lost that is how Adam proposed to me. We were having a get together at his parents house for all of our family to meet each other. As my brother drove me up the country road leading to their home in Eustace, the signs seen above were placed along the way. At the end of the trail of signs was Adam standing there like that. He looked so scared! I'm sure all the family standing in the distance watching didn't make him nervous at all. Of course I said yes, but Adam didn't hear me the first time. Even though I hugged him, and kissed him, he still wasn't sure I wanted to Marry him. The poor guy just kept asking, "So, will you? " I was like, "Yes! Adam jes I'll Marry you!" I was so embarrassed by everyone being there, and staring, and crying... but I was glad he didn't do what he had originally mentioned which was having an airplane fly over with the big question on the banner behind it.
We laugh when we look back on these pictures now. For one, we were a little thinner I don't know if anyone noticed that? Look at how young, innocent, and happy we look. Maybe a little scared too. We laugh because we had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into! We had been friends for 2 years, but we had only dated 3 months before we were hitched! We thought we knew each other, but we only knew the person that we each wanted the other to know... not the REAL US. Can I get an AMEN!
July 4th, 2009 makes 6 years of marriage. That would be 3x as long as my parents expected us to be married, 5x as long as my brothers expected us to be married, and about 2x as long as Adam's parents expected us to be married. I have to admit, there were times the only reason I stayed was to prove them wrong... but I'm glad that I did stay.
When Adam & I were dating and first married our focus was on us. No one else. God's Will, and a personal relationship with God was the furthest thing from our minds. We had a plan, not a very good one, but a plan. We definitely had all our eggs in one basket. I was in Nursing School at the time we got married, Adam was working at ETMC Athens making a little over $6 an hour. I was going to finish Nursing School, and then he was going to go. When we were finished with school, we were going to be rolling in the dough, buy a house, buy this & that, start a family, and live happily ever after with all our stuff!
Then, after a year of barely making our bills or just throwing our expenses on credit cards I failed out of the RN program with a 74.7 because 75% is passing. We were both devastated. I was done, after a year of pure hell there was no way I was going back through that again. I told Adam it was his turn, I couldn't do it. He said no thanks, after seeing everything you had to do I don't want to be a Nurse anymore either. He decided to go back to his original plan of being a Police Officer.
The good thing that happened out of me failing out of Nursing School, and having a Marriage that was hanging on by a thread after one year, was that I started talking to God again. I had no idea where to start. I had messed up so much on my own, I didn't know where and when God would start working but he did! Adam and I had a lot of issues to work through, and they weren't fixed overnight. Adam at this point had decided our marriage was a mistake, just like everyone had warned us, and that he wasn't sure this was going to work anymore.
All I could do was pray that his heart would change. Shortly after Trenten was born, God got a hold of Adam the same way he had gotten a hold of me after failing out of Nursing School. We began our journey together really for the first time, because God was leading not us. Does that mean we've had no major problems since... okay, now that I'm done laughing I can answer definitely not! We still fight and bicker, we've had some major life changing obstacles to overcome, and no we are not always happy. I think Monday afternoon I told Adam if I could rip his big head off and throw it across the room I would! Yep, that's me such a peach to live with!
We learned in the Marriage conference at FBC Malakoff this motto, "If God and I aren't working, Adam & I aren't going to work!" I have to remind myself of that almost everyday. Adam and I were talking the other night about the past 6 years, and all we can do is give the Praise to God that he saved our Marriage, and carried us through some unimaginable situations, and that he continues to work on us daily. So, if you are unhappy in your marriage or struggling to stay married know that you are not alone! Turn to Jesus, and ask him for the strength, wisdom, and encouragement that you need to heal the wounds that we inflict on each other through life together. I want everyone to know that Adam & I do not have it all together, but if you ever want to talk to another married couple that has been there we are here!
To my Husband who has managed to tolerate me for the last 6 years... Thank you, and Bless You as my brothers tell you often. You are a special guy! Thank You for loving me, even when I make it hard for you too. Thank You for being a wonderful Husband who tries your hardest to make me happy, even though I make that an exhausting grueling task at times. Thank you for being the Greatest Dad in the World to our boys, and for backing me up on the way I do things with them even when no one else agrees. Thank you for asking me to marry you, and claiming you would do it all over again even though I've given you every reason to NOT want to do it all over again. Thank you for the years of uncontrollable laughter, and tolerating me peeing on myself because your so sticking funny at times. Yes, that happened 2x before we were ever married and he still asked me! Here is to a lifetime of being in this together, even though that seems impossible at times. I'm glad to say I no longer Doubt that the mighty God we serve will carry, lead, and guide us the rest of the way. Thank you for just being you, and ALWAYS being there for me. I Love you with all my heart!
Here is to beating the odds!
Until Next Time,

What A Cute Couple!!!

Here's to the Days before Stress, before kids, and before Sleepless Nights! Just Youth and Happiness! I love you Babe!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Snakes, Mice, & Adulthood!!!

This is for all of you mother's out there who have ever thought... "is it just me that is struggling with this?" Yes, I have to admit my friends blogs inspired me to write, and let you know that you are not alone!
Here is to knowing your an adult... when there is a copperhead snake hanging from your front porch at midnight, and you have to walk out the back door in the dark to a dark shed and feel your way around for a hoe to kill the copperhead snake because you know you'd never forgive yourself if you just let him go until your husband comes home in the morning. What if Mr. Copperhead is gone by morning, and later in the day when your precious 2 little boys who's lives depend on you stumble upon him, get bit and die? So it's time to be an Adult! I don't want to do this, but I've got to I am on my own here! Where are my 2 older brothers? Where is my Dad? Why does my Husband have to work all the way over in Chandler! What does any city girl whose been thrown in the country do in this situation? I call to tell my husband I love him, and if you don't hear back from me in 10 minutes call the ambulance! My husband was very against my idea to Handle this on my own, but it had to be done! So I took by hoe, walked out the carport door around to the front porch to find Mr. Copperhead still there, dangling from one of our rod iron posts ready to kill his prey... ME! The adrenaline kicked in, and I swallowed down the huge lump in my throat, and decided some practice swings away from the snake would be a good idea since I had never done anything like this before... EVER!
I step back and take my practice swings with the hoe like a professional baseball player, and just as I step up to take my first real swing. Here comes Officer Foster with the Malakoff Police Department around the corner. My Husband called him to come save me. Needless to say, he killed Mr. Copperhead that night. After seeing the size of the snake uncoiled from our post, that was okay by me. 3 feet long, glad I took a pass on that one! This experience got me thinking though, how scary it is to be an adult now, with no older brothers to take care of everything for me, and a husband who works nights & is gone all the time... I've got to learn how to do this stuff right?
Apparently I did not learn my lesson well enough that night. So, God sends Adulthood challenge #2 my way last night during the crazy stormy weather. Once again, Adam is working and it's just me and the 2 kids. I get them to sleep, finish up all my chores, and it's around 10:30pm. I turn on the light to walk in my bedroom, and I catch something moving in the rocking chair out the corner of my eye. I tell myself it's just my mind playing tricks on me, but unfortunately it was for real! A little brown field mouse looking at me, sitting on the arm of the rocking chair. His facial expression was like, "Do you mind turning that light back off... " Please God tell me you are kidding, my order of hatred for intruders is Spiders, snakes/mice. Snakes & mice are tied, because snakes can be dangerous, but the thought of mice living where we live, trying to eat what we eat, or eating the best rocking chair ever! The rocking chair that I rocked both my babies in, and still do on nights like tonight! AHH! So, I grab a hanger, and go after him. Needless to say that didn't work, he got away, but I at least ran him off my favorite chair. That now can not be set in until it is shampooed to kill mice germs!
Now comes my biggest challenge. I must set a trap, the real kind that snap & break there necks! This I have never done before, or watched be done before, or even attempted before! So, what does this city girl do... call her husband to talk her through this. Keep in mind my emotions are running pretty high by this point. Stewart Little got away, my boys are asleep in there beds, and what if he bits them! Surely me chasing him with the hanger out of his comfy chair might have made him mad, what if he decides to retaliate on one of my babies, or me when I'm asleep in my bed! Something has to be done! Once again, I get to be the Adult here.
Much to my luck, Adam is busy cutting up a tree that's down in the road and would not take my phone call. Who is going to be driving down a road, in a storm, in Chandler TX at almost 11 O'clock at night? You can't stop for a minute and take your wife's emergency phone call? Anyways, that's all I and Adam's chief have to say about that. So, now what am I supposed to do? I can't figure this stupid thing out, it keeps snapping at me every time I try to make it work!
So, I do what I have been trained to do my entire 27 years of life. I call my big brother Mark. His wife Jessica answers the phone, and can tell I'm upset so she gets Mark. He calms me down, and talks me through setting the trap. I made it with out it snapping a finger, which is good for a first timer. My brother was so proud. He stayed on the phone with me until i put the trap on the floor in my room, and evacuated the premises. I did it! Like a big girl, all by myself... almost. I slept on the couch, and Trenten was a little taken by surprise when he woke around
3am due to the storm. He came running to my bed, and I wasn't there? He started crying which woke me, and I went & got him. We were lying on the couch, and he said, "Momma, why you on the couch?" So, I told him about our little visitor. He said, "That's okay momma... Daddy will get him when he gets home!" Yeah, I hope so!!!
Needless to say, I am learning the hard way over the last couple of weeks what being an Adult is a demanding job! I like you Flo found myself lying on the couch pondering the is this possible side of life? I have 2 kids that are growing to fast, and they depend on me? The thought can be overwhelming at times... if someone would have told me 10 years ago that I'd be married, with 2 kids, hunting snakes & mice I'd told them they were nuts! Yet, here I am. When I'm cuddled up on our little couch with Trenten at 3am... Adulthood is worth all the worries, woes, and strife for some moments like this.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Work Hard~ Play Harder...

Here is April in pictures:

Happy Easter from the Estes Clan!Yes this is the best picture out of 100!Sad day!

Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, Athens TX

See the Aligator coming out of the water...

He came towards Trenten like he was going to eat him!

Nope, this isn't Tri-City Steel.... we are still at the Fishery Center!

Our Favorite pose, this was a nice day!

Adam & Trenten fishing at the Fishery Center. I think we've started something here! Trenten is obsessed now!

Trenten's 1st Trip to a movie theatre. None of us particularly cared for this Reese Witherspoon film!

Got Hardware?

Every room in my house....

became an assembly line. Jenna I'm sorry this was not posted sooner!!!

Hardware Before & After shot!

Which led to a much needed Get A Way to Kerrville, TX

Our drive up the mountain... (I got car sick!)

First mornings breakfast brought to our room!

The only picture of us shoping in Fredricksburg! Really more like walking Fredricksburg! We were good, we spent very little here.

2nd mornings breakfast brought to our room! I could get use to this!

Excited about Kayaking Trip down the River...



Bad Weather Canceled our trip! Really Sad Day!

So we went Hiking instead!

On the plus side this was free, courtsy of Our Awesome God!

Last Day's Breakfast, brought to our room once again!

View from our Balcony...

Oh' yeah... Our Room!

Jacuzzi Tub for 2!

Log Fire Place in corner...

Sitting Area...

The Safety of Traveling with a cop....

Until Next Time,