My Boys

My Boys

Monday, February 9, 2009

Houston We Have A Problem!!!

Trenten & I ready to Hit the Road

Unexpected Road Bumps, AKA a bacterial eye infection!

This weekend Trenten & I were heading to Houston to my Best Friend Tammy's house to help out getting everything done for the Girls Big 3rd Birthday Party. These folks know how to throw a Party let me tell you! Which is great, but it makes for a lot of work. Which is no problem for the dynamic duo of Tammy & Julie.
Here is our Weekend Recap. We arrived at Tammy's home Thursday afternoon, after several pit stops for some unbelievable requests by Trenten. One to cut out the tags in his underwear & pants because "They stingin' me momma!". Praise be to Jesus we made it there safely, and all was well.
So we thought anyway. A couple hours after arriving Tammy's Mom (Mrs. Beasley) & I kept smelling Gas. After just encountering this experience at my own home earlier in the week, I have became somewhat of a Natural Gas smeller expert! So, the very nice "Gas Man" comes out to check all the appliances, lines, & so on. Tammy's oven was leaking a dangerous amount of Carbon Monoxide, and the furnice in the attic was leaking Gas. What a day. Needless to say, we felt it safer to load the entire family up & go somewhere else for a while.
We stayed the night at Tammy's sister (Rachel) house. When I woke up the next morning my eye felt like it had something in it. When I checked it out in the miror, there was a little sleep but nothing to be concerned over. Yet, it kept feeling like something was stuck in there! Just enough to drive you a little crazy. As the day progressed we were busy bee's reorganizing different rooms in Tammy's house, and by 2pm my eye was swelled shut. You know it's bad when people can not eat with you across the table from them, and when people walk in to the ER, they make a point to sit as far away from you as possible!
Yes that's right, I said ER. That's where we ended up. In the big city they have these places called Minor ER's. Awesome let me tell you. In & out much faster than the ER here at home! After a shot of Recephen in the rear, oral antibiotics for the next 10 days, and eye drops. We were back on the road to recovery.

No big Deal for this Crew though! We can have a blast wherever, whenever, & however. The Great thing about us is we are an all Natural Good Time. No drugs or alcohol needed! Although you'd think we were on something by the following pictures.

"Yes, my Husband & I are fine!!!"

Dr. Trenten Gloving Up!

No, I'm not winking at you....

My Eye Trenten not my ear!

Does this thing work???

We could not stop laughing! I was shocked they did not do a breathalizer!

He's my kid, and he's still not use to such a loud laugh...

After all of this, we were still able to get all the baking done, and house clean for the Amazing Party. I'd like to give a shout out to Jacob (Big Bob) who is the GRILLMASTER! The most amazing Fajita's I ever ate! Great Cake, and cookies the kids got to decorate at the "Heart" themed party! I took notes, so that one day I can throw as great of a shindig!

I will close with some pictures from the Party!

Let me give you my good side!

An awful lot of Frosting for such a little cookie!

Sweet Hannah posing with her cookie!

Macie & Ashton getting the job done! (Cousins)

Hannah hard at work, Haleigh kickin' back to enjoy heaven in her mouth!

Trenten snackin' on his sprinkles...

Drew stealing candy out of the jar. He just thought no one was looking!

Drew still eating all the candy, & the amazing castle cake!

Jacob (Big Bob) preping all the wonderful FOOD!

Trenten helping us get the job done! What a great duster...

That's all for now!
Until next time,

Monday, February 2, 2009

How far is a "Money Saving mom" willing to go?

I would like to give a shout out to all the other Money Saving Moms out there, who are trying to find ways everyday to save money to achieve certain goals. For some it is just the thrill of saving a few bucks wherever you can. For others its a must do to be able to stay home with their children, or to be able to only work part time like me.
A little over a year ago, I cut back my hours at work to part time to be able to spend more time with my rapidly growing kiddo's, and to be able to keep up with the responsibilities of being a Wife & Mother a little better. Well as many of you may have experienced yourselves, when you sacrifice an others income in a family you have to drastically change your lifestyle sometimes. The last year I have constantly analyzed our budget looking for things to cut to have more money. Not money to blow, just money for necessities. Like going to the Dentist. Who has money left over after paying all the bills, to go to the Dentist when you do not have Dental Insurance!
I was overwhelmed the other day when I started thinking about all the Dental work Adam needs done, and I have some too. Now Trenten is 3, and has never seen a Dentist & they recommend that children see a Dentist when they are 2 now. How in the World are we going to pay for all this Dental work? Here comes the "Money Saving Mom" in me.
So I get Online & find where the Baylor College of Dentistry takes patients. It is not based on income level, but on what dental work you need done. The Dental work is not FREE, but is on average 30-40% cheaper than regular Dentist Offices. They also see children, and do Orthodontic care as well. It is just a matter of being selected as a patient.
I have been told that I am crazy for considering letting a student Dentist work on my teeth, or the kids teeth. Do people not realize that their dentists were once students too? I am willing to let a student work on my teeth, if it makes getting my teeth fixed a reality because of the lower costs. To any of you other Money Saving Moms that do not find this crazy, you can look up for yourself how to become a patient at:
Also, I hear there is a Dental College over in Tyler I have not looked anything up on them. It's an idea though, if Tyler is closer for you.
Until Next Time,