My Boys

My Boys

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

This reminds me so much of myself at a young age. Tonight as I was cleaning the kitchen after supper. I was singing, as I worked. Which is not uncommon in this house. You would think I was one of the seven dawrfs sometimes. Anyway, I'm sure some of you are familiar with this hymn.
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all heaven & Earth proclaim
Kings & Kingdoms will all pass away
But there is something about that name
Now, don't hold me to these being the correct words. My great- grandmother tought me most of the hymns I know. Well, she was in the early stages of Alzheimer's at the time. So let's just say the words aren't always in the right order... but that is another blog!
Well, I am just singing away. Here comes Trenten running into the kitchen singing:
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
Kings & kingdoms
Pizza, Pizza, Pizza
Let's just say I'll be praying that he comes to Love Jesus as much as Pizza!
It gave Adam & I a good laugh, hope it will you too!
Until Next Time,

Saturday, September 27, 2008

My latest Bible Journey...

For those of you who do not know, about a month ago I started back to College to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. I made a commitment the week classes started, that no matter how hectic life became I would still read my Bible every night.Which like a lot of Christians I have struggled, and flat out failed at several days over the last few weeks. I thought a great idea to help hold me to my commitment would be to start reading in the book of Job. I have a philosophy I try to live by, to keep me from throwing myself pity parties on the regular basis. My Philosophy is: "No matter how bad you have it in life, there is always someone worst off than you are!" Try to stay with me here, I know that sounds kind of tacky and mean.
This is only one of my many "Philosophies on Life". I am sure as time passes you will be blessed by many more. Please note, that was a joke. So, needless to say I thought with all of the trials and tribulation that Job suffered through in his life, that this would be a great book of the Bible to help through my own trials over the next few months. Here are some thoughts out of the Prayer Journal I have been keeping.
Job 1 20-22
At this Job got up & tore his robe & shaved his head. Then he fell to the ground IN WORSHIP & said: "Naked I came from my mother's womb, & Naked I will depart THE LORD GAVE & THE LORD HAS TAKEN AWAY; MAY THE NAME OF THE LORD BE PRAISED." In all this Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing. (the all CAPS are the part of the verse that struck my heart)
In case you do not know what happened in the verses leading up to this,here is my short & sweet version. Job was a man of God, who had been very blessed in every way really by God. Satan comes to God, and asks to challenge Job's faith in God. Satan believes he can get Job to curse God. So God allows Satan to test Job's faith, but not to kill him. So Satan basically takes everything from Job. His children, livestock, health,and so on.
Verses 20-22 are Job's reaction to this. I was overwhelmed by the way he was able to Worship the Lord immediately after loosing all of his children at once.This being one of my greatest fears(loosing any of my precious children)having this attitude afterward is hard for me to imagine.
This is what I desire for my heart to be like. I want to Praise the Lord in Good times, Bad times, and all of the in between.I know that this only comes from the Lord. I want to challenge all of you to search your hearts, and to desire a Heart like Job's.
Join me next time, when I will discuss how I have applied Job's life to my own over the last several weeks.
Until Next Time,

Friday, September 26, 2008

This is so sad...

Well, I am happy to announce that we are now up & running with internet at home. Hurricane Ike has affected our life in more ways than one, but that is another Blog coming soon! Due to Hurricane Ike Embarq was unable to set up my internet at home until today. I have been in desperate need of internet here at the house since I started my three internet classes. I have been all over the county in the last three weeks bumming off others for their internet. Thank you to all of these people, (you know who you are) for helping me so much.
I can not wait to share about the last three weeks. To say they have been "fun filled" is an understatement! Tonight we started a Marriage Conference at our church. It has been wonderful so far, and we are both really looking forward to tomorrow. I had to turn in some economics homework before midnight tonight, so it has been a mad dash since I came home to get everything done & turned in. Trenten and I did it though! What a great helper he and his "Thomas the Train" are... I think its time we call it a night.
Looking forward to re-joining the Blogger World, if you will still have me.
Until next time,