My Boys

My Boys

Friday, May 16, 2008

Confessions of a MAN!!!!

So I have a little confession, and apology to make. Me being the man that I am, has a syndrome known as "foot in mouth". Let me explain. Sunday morning my wife and I were sitting in church listening to the pastors message. Which might I add was a great one as usual, was on the Proverbs woman. As the pastor was preaching, I leaned over to Julie and said jokingly "wow that sounds like me." Of course Julie glared at me with that look. And I knew I was in trouble. I told her that I was joking, and that I know she has to deal with alot more stuff than I do, with kids, work, financies, and all the other wonderful things she has on her plate. But boy did I mess up. Hince "FOOT IN MOUTH". Well I'm here to apologize for putting my foot in my mouth. Although by now almost 5 years later she is used to it, but I do owe her and apology. You are my Proverbs woman and will always be.

Until next mess up

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks to my husband...

(Above) Me & My Addiction
2 Samuel 2:6
6"Now may the LORD show lovingkindness and truth to you; and I also will show this goodness to you, because you have done this thing.
I need to Thank my husband for being so good to me lately. For those of you who don't we sold the Cavalier a couple of weeks ago. So, now we just have the truck which makes more sense for us. With that though, on the days we both work, we get up at 5am, and he drops Jonah & I off at my work around 6:15am, & then drops Trenten off at Kidsfirst. It's an early, long day.. the nice thing is it has helped me catch up on my work, and get more organized which was desperately needed.

The down side is.. I am not, and probably never will be A MORNING PERSON! I use to hate coffee, would not touch the stuff. Since Jonah came in to my life, I've became addicted to it. I can't hardly function with out it on the days I work. My wonderful sweet Husband has came to this realization the hard way. I admit that I have a not nice side in the mornings, & sometimes poor Adam catches the brunt of that.

The other morning the alarm didn't go off, or neither one of us heard it if it did! So, we woke up around 5:45 and went to running like chickens with our heads cut off! It was a mad dash to get everyone up & going, & out the door on time! We made it though! As we drove by the Exxon, I said "I guess there is no time for coffee huh'?" Adam sweetly replied, "No." I didn't bite his head off, I just sadly said, "Ok.." So, he drops Jonah & I off at my work, takes Trenten to school, and what does my wonderful husband do? He comes back by with my coffee!

He didn't want my day to start off bad at work also. I thought that was very sweet of him. Any man that can love his wife when she looks like she does in that picture is alright in my book! I have to say these early mornings sure our taking a toll on me. Hair up in pony tail, no make up, and far from the "Proverbs 31 woman" he still thinks I'm alright.
Until Next Time,

Monday, May 12, 2008

Breast is Best Drama....

Now, Doesn't that look like a happy, healthy baby if you ever saw one! He has been on the boob milk for 6 months today. Way to go, right? I think so, but not everyone shares this mother's enthusiasm. In fact, I feel like I am not very enthusiastic about the experience myself. I don't go around saying everyone should breastfeed, or being an spokesperson for the LLL! Don't get me wrong, I wanted to breastfeed my children. With Trenten I only made 7 weeks, & threw in the towel. So, I really didn't go into the experience with Jonah expecting to make it this long. I have though, & I think that's something to be proud of.
I have taken a lot of criticism lately for continuing to Breastfeed because Jonah is 6 months old. Although it is recommended to Breastfeed until 12 months these days. I would like to make it that long, BUT we'll see when he finally gets those teeth through. I wanted to put this out there so people could understand what is driving me. Take a look at this...

(On the Left Trenten's Daily Medications, which have now been switched up some due to the diagnosis of Asthma last week)

Talk about feeling guilty for throwing in the towel! I will always wonder if I would have breastfed him longer, would he be going through all this now. Maybe, BUT if continuing to breastfeed Jonah will reduce the risk of allergies & asthma for him... Then guess what, I'm gonna' keep on keepin' on!

(On the Right, different supplements we've tried for Jonah & his sensitive stomach)
We started buying these just for him to drink on occasions like Church, staying with family for afternoon, etc. If I quit breastfeeding it would cost $26.00 every 4 days. You do the math! I did, and I know I'd rather keep on breastfeeding than pay that! Wouldn't you?
Another thing I would like for everyone to understand is that yes I'm glad I've got to do this. I know there are Mother's that wanted to, and we're not able to. So, I am grateful. It's not always a bed of roses though. I wish at times I could leave Jonah with family more often, and have some time to myself. I wish I could rock Jonah to sleep at night, but because I'm his food source when I hold him, all he wants is to eat! I wish I could wear regular bras again so my boobs didn't sag to my waist!I think it's sad that I'm looking forward to something like that!
The Reality is I'm doing what I think is best for Jonah & myself right now, and I'm not going to feel bad or guilty about that! I just thought if I shared some of what I miss out on by doing what I feel is best for us, it might help people to see it's not so selfish of me to keep breastfeeding. Thank you for letting me vent on my blog!
Until Next Time,

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The month in pictures...

I apologize to all our BLOG FANS who have been left in the dark the past month on what we've been up too! This has been a CRAZY BUSY month since I last posted anything. Here is a Review in Pictures....

(Above) Trenten Washing his car

(Above) Family Trip to the Cain Center Trenten's 1st Swiming lesson with Mom & Dad

(Above) Trenten & Dad Swiming!

(Above) Tammy Stops by with kids for a short visit

(Above) Trenten, Haleigh, & Hannah Hangin' out in the back yard

(Above) "LITTLE BOB" as I call him, real name Robert Andrew. Miniture version of his Daddy! If there is such a thing! He is only 6 months old here... his dad "BOB" real name Jacob is 6' 9" TALL. (The Name thing is another LONG story!)

(Above) Future of Tri- City Steel! Emma & Jonah holding down the fort at work with Mom's

(Above) Making the Rounds! Trenten & Jonah @ Great Grandparents house in Eustace

(Above) Crye Family "Celebration of the Cousins"! Palestine, TX

Hope you are caught up now! I'll do my best to keep this from happening again!

Until Next time,