My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The month in pictures...

I apologize to all our BLOG FANS who have been left in the dark the past month on what we've been up too! This has been a CRAZY BUSY month since I last posted anything. Here is a Review in Pictures....

(Above) Trenten Washing his car

(Above) Family Trip to the Cain Center Trenten's 1st Swiming lesson with Mom & Dad

(Above) Trenten & Dad Swiming!

(Above) Tammy Stops by with kids for a short visit

(Above) Trenten, Haleigh, & Hannah Hangin' out in the back yard

(Above) "LITTLE BOB" as I call him, real name Robert Andrew. Miniture version of his Daddy! If there is such a thing! He is only 6 months old here... his dad "BOB" real name Jacob is 6' 9" TALL. (The Name thing is another LONG story!)

(Above) Future of Tri- City Steel! Emma & Jonah holding down the fort at work with Mom's

(Above) Making the Rounds! Trenten & Jonah @ Great Grandparents house in Eustace

(Above) Crye Family "Celebration of the Cousins"! Palestine, TX

Hope you are caught up now! I'll do my best to keep this from happening again!

Until Next time,


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