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My Boys

Monday, May 12, 2008

Breast is Best Drama....

Now, Doesn't that look like a happy, healthy baby if you ever saw one! He has been on the boob milk for 6 months today. Way to go, right? I think so, but not everyone shares this mother's enthusiasm. In fact, I feel like I am not very enthusiastic about the experience myself. I don't go around saying everyone should breastfeed, or being an spokesperson for the LLL! Don't get me wrong, I wanted to breastfeed my children. With Trenten I only made 7 weeks, & threw in the towel. So, I really didn't go into the experience with Jonah expecting to make it this long. I have though, & I think that's something to be proud of.
I have taken a lot of criticism lately for continuing to Breastfeed because Jonah is 6 months old. Although it is recommended to Breastfeed until 12 months these days. I would like to make it that long, BUT we'll see when he finally gets those teeth through. I wanted to put this out there so people could understand what is driving me. Take a look at this...

(On the Left Trenten's Daily Medications, which have now been switched up some due to the diagnosis of Asthma last week)

Talk about feeling guilty for throwing in the towel! I will always wonder if I would have breastfed him longer, would he be going through all this now. Maybe, BUT if continuing to breastfeed Jonah will reduce the risk of allergies & asthma for him... Then guess what, I'm gonna' keep on keepin' on!

(On the Right, different supplements we've tried for Jonah & his sensitive stomach)
We started buying these just for him to drink on occasions like Church, staying with family for afternoon, etc. If I quit breastfeeding it would cost $26.00 every 4 days. You do the math! I did, and I know I'd rather keep on breastfeeding than pay that! Wouldn't you?
Another thing I would like for everyone to understand is that yes I'm glad I've got to do this. I know there are Mother's that wanted to, and we're not able to. So, I am grateful. It's not always a bed of roses though. I wish at times I could leave Jonah with family more often, and have some time to myself. I wish I could rock Jonah to sleep at night, but because I'm his food source when I hold him, all he wants is to eat! I wish I could wear regular bras again so my boobs didn't sag to my waist!I think it's sad that I'm looking forward to something like that!
The Reality is I'm doing what I think is best for Jonah & myself right now, and I'm not going to feel bad or guilty about that! I just thought if I shared some of what I miss out on by doing what I feel is best for us, it might help people to see it's not so selfish of me to keep breastfeeding. Thank you for letting me vent on my blog!
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