My Boys

My Boys

Friday, May 16, 2008

Confessions of a MAN!!!!

So I have a little confession, and apology to make. Me being the man that I am, has a syndrome known as "foot in mouth". Let me explain. Sunday morning my wife and I were sitting in church listening to the pastors message. Which might I add was a great one as usual, was on the Proverbs woman. As the pastor was preaching, I leaned over to Julie and said jokingly "wow that sounds like me." Of course Julie glared at me with that look. And I knew I was in trouble. I told her that I was joking, and that I know she has to deal with alot more stuff than I do, with kids, work, financies, and all the other wonderful things she has on her plate. But boy did I mess up. Hince "FOOT IN MOUTH". Well I'm here to apologize for putting my foot in my mouth. Although by now almost 5 years later she is used to it, but I do owe her and apology. You are my Proverbs woman and will always be.

Until next mess up

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