My Boys

My Boys

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Our Weekend...

(Above) Picture of "Gus" (Chocolate Lab) & "Zeke" (Miniture Doxxon) lounging in Backyard together.

Let me back up a couple of weeks here. For those of you who don't know we had a dog named Gus, a beautiful Chocolate Lab. "Had" being the key word there! He was the dog that was given to us by a neighbor, as a Friend for Zeke our 4 year old Miniture Doxxon. Zeke was our Baby before Real Babies. So all the Transitioning he has been through over the last 2 years has been kind of difficult for him. Zeke slept in our bed, wore clothes, and lived in our house before Trenten.

Post Trenten, he went from a kennel at night, to a full time outside dog when we moved to Malakoff a little over a year ago now. That was a really hard adjustment for Zeke, so we took in Gus. That was great for a little while. I had the Chocolate Lab I always wanted my kids to grow up with, like me. Zeke had a friend to play with... life was good.

Then, Gus started EATING EVERYTHING! Adam had never had a lab, so I tried to explain that they just do that during their puupy phase. So, he would quit threatening to get rid of him for a few weeks. I started trying to work with Gus on only eating his things, and not being so rough with Trenten.

That didn't go so well. The tables turned and Adam was then the one talking me into putting the gun away! This dog was the stupidest lab I ever came by! He ate all the wires & hoses to the BBQ, the electrical to the air conditioner, and pretty much anything that would stand still long enough! Any thing BUT the chew toys and stuff bought for him. Anyway needless to say a couple weeks ago Adam found him a new home with the "Dogs Against Drugs" program in Athens. We'll see how he does there!

Anyway, Gus has only been relocated for a couple of weeks... but poor Zeke was once again devestated. All by himself in that big back yard! He would sit & Cry at the Backdoor all night, then last week he quit eating. So Adam told me to find him a friend when he found out I was taking a trip to "First Monday" with his sister Karen, and his mom Cathy.

After a (what seemed to me) long search through the slums of muddy Dog Alley... we found Duke. A perfect match so far forall the family needs. He is Great & gentle with Trenten & Jonah, & him and Zeke get along Great also! Zeke is back to his old self, & we're all happy! More pictures to come!

(Above) Trenten & New member of family DUKE riding home from "First Monday" together!

So, we leave "First Monday all in my Truck. Karen, Cathy, Jonah, Trenten, Duke & myself. We head to Leagueville to Karen & Craig's new house to unload a Kitchen Island that was the original purpose of the trip to "First Monday" to begin with. We stop in Athens to Pick up Adam from work, because he had never seen Craig & Karen's new place either.

(Above) Craig & Karen's New house in Leagueville. Is actually Craig's Grandparents old house, that they are updating, & it looks like new! Great job guys!

We took the Grand Tour, and were blown away at how Great it's looking. We were looking forward to going to dinner with the fam. after unloading the island and all. BUT when you have 2 overly exhausted children, one exhausted husband, and a dog... Sometimes home & to bed is the best option! So we took a rain check on the dinner, and headed home to end our very long day!

My apologies to Craig & Karen for not having a picture of the 2 of you to put on here, the ones we took came out blurry & dark.

(Above) Picture of Adam & Karen after unloading the kitchen island. For the Record Craig & Adam unloaded the island, and Karen Supervised! Way to go Crew!

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