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My Boys

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Hobby...

It all started back in 1993 when My Aunt Carolyn (My Mom's Sister) came to California for a visit. I was 10 years old, & it was during the Summer. So boredom was high on the list of things to do! My Aunt had recently taken a Wilton Cake class, & started decorating Cakes for friends for a little extra money on the side! She brought her decorating kit with her, so she could show off her new skills... Never knowing she would ignite the Passion in her niece to do the same.
From that Summer on, I became the cake girl in our family. I always loved to bake, cook, make "New Creations".. Pretty much anything in the Kitchen other than stinkin' Dishes! I continued on my journey of doing Cakes for all the family Birthdays for years. I had all these cool cake ideas in my head, but when you're using the 4 basic plastic cake tips from Wal-Mart because that's all you have... Your kind of limited! My sweet Husband Adam realized this, so for Christmas in 2006 he bought be a Wilton beginner Cake Kit! Trenten's 1st Birthday was coming up in January, & that was the first cake I used my kit with! It was so much fun... we call it the cake that Started it all! You can see it on my Slide show, it's the Doggy Cake.
I was so excited when My Aunt Carolyn, the one who started my interest in Cake baking moved here to Crossroads TX. Now we've started doing cakes together on the side. It has been great, she has so much experience & expertise. She has been teaching me lots of new tricks! So, check out my Slide show & you can see what we've been up to in our Spare time! These are not all my Cake Pictures, just my Favorites!
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Flo said...

Love those, I had no idea you could do things like that car!