My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, April 5, 2008

God's little blessings....

(On Left) Trenten Passed out on floor after a Hard night at First Baptist Malakoff's Radiate 08' REVIVAL!

I think Trenten does this just to aggravate his mother! I hate seeing him lying on that COLD floor. I would also like everyone to note the baby gate in the doorway of his room. He's not only an escape artist at Church, it started at home!

When he did this Monday night after Revival, Adam & I got a good laugh out of it. We went through the nightly routine of putting both the boys to bed (they share a room). I sang "the moon song" as Trenten calls it, only about 100 times, then we had to go "TT" one more time, then he needed his Vicks Vapor Rub on, then I finally said, "That's enough Trenten! Get in your Bed & play with your cars!" That's the new reversed psychology I'm using at bedtime. He doesn't cry, and get all dramatic on me if I don't say "Lay down & go Night Night!" He just sits in his bed, and plays with his hot wheels cars until he falls asleep. NOT MONDAY NIGHT though!

He tried climbing the Gate. He tried pulling the gate down. All very quietly so Mom & Dad wouldn't hear, so he thought! Then he finally gave it up, layed down in the Floor, and he was out! Just one way this week that Trenten reminded me, what a BLESSING children are. We take them for Granted in the Hustle & Bustle of everyday life. When I saw him looking so precious & sweet asleep on the floor, I Thanked God for the Reminder of not taking our children for Granted... and then I said, I have to get a picture and put that on my BLOG!

(On Left) Jonah having a blast in his exersaucer this week!
It was nice this week on my 2 Days off to get to spend some quality time with the kids. Jonah & I got some one on one time playing while Trenten was taking a nap. Of course they never take a nap at the same time! That's okay though.. I worry if I actually got to take a nap one day, that I would want one everyday! That's just not reality so I would rather not even get started with that.
They grow so---- fast! Adam dressed Jonah for Revival one night this week in a hand-me-down that Trenten wore in his 6 month pictures. We were looking at Trenten's picture, & saying "It seems like we took him to get these pictures done yesterday, & now his brother is wearing his outfit! That's Crazy!" My, how time fly's when your having fun. I think My, how time fly's when your busy fits a little better, but that's just me.
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The Lorick Family said...

They are such a blessing! Isn't it strange to see Jonah in Trenton's old clothes. Seeing Karter in Kaden's clothes brings back so many memories! I love your cakes...what a talent! We need ya'lls number we were going to call and ask ya'll to dinner on Sat. but we couldn't find your number!