My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New at this...

Okay... this bloging thing is all new to us, but I'm excited! I hope everyone enjoys getting to read about our Crazy daily lives.. I say Daily but with all we have going on, we'll see! I had a cake to deliver this morning for a baby shower, & decided while Adam had the kids I would come up to work & set this blog up! I can't tell you how wierd it feels to be working on something & not have to stop a bigillion times because somebody needs something... I Love being a Mom, and I wouldn't trade my life for the world, but this is kind of nice... I forgot how relaxing "quiet" can be!
I wish I could write more, but I do need to get back home... house work, yard work, & Children are needing me I'm sure! Got to LOVE Saturday's! I remember when I looked forward to Saturday because I got to sleep in.... Sleep? What's that?
Until Next Time,


Andi said...

It's great to see you enter the blogging world. Hope everyone in your family is doing well!

Keri said...

Love the blog! Looking forward to seeing more pics.