My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary to Us...

The pictures do a pretty good job explaining themselves, but just in case you are lost that is how Adam proposed to me. We were having a get together at his parents house for all of our family to meet each other. As my brother drove me up the country road leading to their home in Eustace, the signs seen above were placed along the way. At the end of the trail of signs was Adam standing there like that. He looked so scared! I'm sure all the family standing in the distance watching didn't make him nervous at all. Of course I said yes, but Adam didn't hear me the first time. Even though I hugged him, and kissed him, he still wasn't sure I wanted to Marry him. The poor guy just kept asking, "So, will you? " I was like, "Yes! Adam jes I'll Marry you!" I was so embarrassed by everyone being there, and staring, and crying... but I was glad he didn't do what he had originally mentioned which was having an airplane fly over with the big question on the banner behind it.
We laugh when we look back on these pictures now. For one, we were a little thinner I don't know if anyone noticed that? Look at how young, innocent, and happy we look. Maybe a little scared too. We laugh because we had NO IDEA what we were getting ourselves into! We had been friends for 2 years, but we had only dated 3 months before we were hitched! We thought we knew each other, but we only knew the person that we each wanted the other to know... not the REAL US. Can I get an AMEN!
July 4th, 2009 makes 6 years of marriage. That would be 3x as long as my parents expected us to be married, 5x as long as my brothers expected us to be married, and about 2x as long as Adam's parents expected us to be married. I have to admit, there were times the only reason I stayed was to prove them wrong... but I'm glad that I did stay.
When Adam & I were dating and first married our focus was on us. No one else. God's Will, and a personal relationship with God was the furthest thing from our minds. We had a plan, not a very good one, but a plan. We definitely had all our eggs in one basket. I was in Nursing School at the time we got married, Adam was working at ETMC Athens making a little over $6 an hour. I was going to finish Nursing School, and then he was going to go. When we were finished with school, we were going to be rolling in the dough, buy a house, buy this & that, start a family, and live happily ever after with all our stuff!
Then, after a year of barely making our bills or just throwing our expenses on credit cards I failed out of the RN program with a 74.7 because 75% is passing. We were both devastated. I was done, after a year of pure hell there was no way I was going back through that again. I told Adam it was his turn, I couldn't do it. He said no thanks, after seeing everything you had to do I don't want to be a Nurse anymore either. He decided to go back to his original plan of being a Police Officer.
The good thing that happened out of me failing out of Nursing School, and having a Marriage that was hanging on by a thread after one year, was that I started talking to God again. I had no idea where to start. I had messed up so much on my own, I didn't know where and when God would start working but he did! Adam and I had a lot of issues to work through, and they weren't fixed overnight. Adam at this point had decided our marriage was a mistake, just like everyone had warned us, and that he wasn't sure this was going to work anymore.
All I could do was pray that his heart would change. Shortly after Trenten was born, God got a hold of Adam the same way he had gotten a hold of me after failing out of Nursing School. We began our journey together really for the first time, because God was leading not us. Does that mean we've had no major problems since... okay, now that I'm done laughing I can answer definitely not! We still fight and bicker, we've had some major life changing obstacles to overcome, and no we are not always happy. I think Monday afternoon I told Adam if I could rip his big head off and throw it across the room I would! Yep, that's me such a peach to live with!
We learned in the Marriage conference at FBC Malakoff this motto, "If God and I aren't working, Adam & I aren't going to work!" I have to remind myself of that almost everyday. Adam and I were talking the other night about the past 6 years, and all we can do is give the Praise to God that he saved our Marriage, and carried us through some unimaginable situations, and that he continues to work on us daily. So, if you are unhappy in your marriage or struggling to stay married know that you are not alone! Turn to Jesus, and ask him for the strength, wisdom, and encouragement that you need to heal the wounds that we inflict on each other through life together. I want everyone to know that Adam & I do not have it all together, but if you ever want to talk to another married couple that has been there we are here!
To my Husband who has managed to tolerate me for the last 6 years... Thank you, and Bless You as my brothers tell you often. You are a special guy! Thank You for loving me, even when I make it hard for you too. Thank You for being a wonderful Husband who tries your hardest to make me happy, even though I make that an exhausting grueling task at times. Thank you for being the Greatest Dad in the World to our boys, and for backing me up on the way I do things with them even when no one else agrees. Thank you for asking me to marry you, and claiming you would do it all over again even though I've given you every reason to NOT want to do it all over again. Thank you for the years of uncontrollable laughter, and tolerating me peeing on myself because your so sticking funny at times. Yes, that happened 2x before we were ever married and he still asked me! Here is to a lifetime of being in this together, even though that seems impossible at times. I'm glad to say I no longer Doubt that the mighty God we serve will carry, lead, and guide us the rest of the way. Thank you for just being you, and ALWAYS being there for me. I Love you with all my heart!
Here is to beating the odds!
Until Next Time,

What A Cute Couple!!!

Here's to the Days before Stress, before kids, and before Sleepless Nights! Just Youth and Happiness! I love you Babe!


Allison said...

Happy (early) anniversary you two!!!

Jenna said...

Thank you Julie for being "real"...everyone needs to know that even though we are chrisians and we love the Lord, we still have issues and go through hard times! Miss you!

Flo said...

Happy Annniversary you guys! Cherish your marriage! It'll be a blessing to all those around you!