My Boys

My Boys

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Can't help but Worship....

YouTube - Kristene Mueller, Redemption (Jesus Culture)

My friend Rebecca paid us a visit last Saturday. She accidentally left one of her new favorite CD's in my truck. Her sister-in-law who lives in California sent her this CD. It was by a women named Kristene Mueller, she is a Music Minister at a church in San Franscico. Her church has started a 24 hour a day, praying for the City of San Francsico, and for the Nation. So, she has wrote some music, and I have fell in love while worshiping the Lord to her songs. Most of her song verses are straight from the scripture. This CD has made such a difference in my week. I have cried, sung loud, and even took it into "In School Suspension" this week for my sanity. A teacher came in, and the CD was playing. He said, "You can't play music in ISS!" I replied, "It's for me, not for him... and we can if you want me in here!" I couldn't find my favorite songs on You Tube, but here is a taste of what I could find. I hope it is a blessing to you, as it has been to me. Prepare your hearts for Worship tomorrow!
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