My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Constant Change...

(Above) Trenten at 9 months old

(Above) Trenten Last weekend swimming at Grandma's

This week I am struggling with something we all know is inevitable. We all want a say in it, but life doesn't always allow us that either. It throws constant battles of adjustment & struggles our way... have you guessed it? That's right Changes. The nothing ever stays the same fact of life. I struggle with the part of balancing ALL the changes in life, all at once.

(Above) Jonah when he was First Born

(Above) Jonah swimming last weekend at Grandma's

As you can see from my pictures I'm struggling with how fast time has gone by with my kids. I keep looking at Jonah, and remembering how it was like yesterday that was Trenten. I look at Trenten and think how tomorrow that will be Jonah. Can I just say, I'm not ready for that! Change is all around us. For example take a look at the last year of our lives.

  1. I'm 5 months pregnant with Baby # 2
  2. Adam and I nearly get divorced
  3. Adam changes from night shift to days to help restore our marriage
  4. Baby Jonah arrives
  5. I cut back to Part Time at work
  6. We sell are nice gas saving car
  7. Adam changes careers
  8. Adam goes back to working nights (but don't worry we're not getting divorced)
  9. Jonah no longer likes coming to work with Mom
  10. I'm going back to school in the Fall to finish my degree in "Business Administration"

God has brought us through so much, and I know he will continue to take me through all the changes that are coming. This past week in my Woman's Bible Study I learned about turning my worries into prayers. I have been praying all week for me to just have Faith that God will provide for us through all these upcoming changes. It had been a great week of feeling like all my burdens had been lifted. Then last night, after a day of Jonah crying non-stop while I tried to get work done, and situations coming my way all day that I don't know what I'm going to do about. My Spirit was kind of broken, and I found myself worrying & frustrated over everything. So, please pray for me. Pray for strength to deal with what is coming my way right now, pray for me to quit worrying over situations and take them to God where they belong.

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The Lorick Family said...

Days when babies are crying can seem so long...and then again it seems like the months go by so fast. I am praying for you!:)

Andi said...

I pray everything will work out for you!