My Boys

My Boys

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to do when the Great Outdoors... come Indoors???

It seems we are not alone here at the offices of Tri-City Steel. I thought I was loosing my mind, or having an adverse reaction to some of my new medications... but NO! The sounds of Raccoon's talking to each other, just like the movie "The Great Outdoors" is really happening above my head!
For those of you who don't know, our Offices are in a very old building in Malakoff. We have built three new offices in the existing old building, and it's starting to look really good. Unfortunately, we still have some problems with the Old Part. They found there way in here somehow, and are living in the space between the roof, and the old ceiling. Yes, I said they... they have babies too! It's a whole Raccoon family, and maybe even some friends dropin' by from time to time.
Yesterday I kept hearing them talk to each other, and I thought they were under the floor. So what does any girl do in a situation like this? I go get my big brother! He confirmed that it sounded like Racoon's, but he was hesitant to take a look & see. I'm still trying to sweet talk Adam into sticking his head up there, but he would rather someone else do it also. This is when I'm glad to be a girl! I'll use that excuse to not have to stick my head up there with a flashlight. I can just picture in my mind a Raccoon jumping on my face, and attacking me. No thanks!
So the City of Malakoff is coming out to set traps Monday. They have assured me that they will not kill them, that they take them out to the Country & let them go. So watch out Flo' they may be coming to visit you soon! If I get any pictures of my fury friends I will be sure to post! I just hope in the mean time we can all live together in Peace & Harmony!

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Jenna said...

Too funny! Hope you are having a good day!